Zombicide – 2nd Edition: Supernatural Pack #1


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Demons, devils, ghosts, vampires, and all manner of supernatural creatures make the world their home, intent on destroying humankind to rule a world of death and darkness. How appropriate is it then that the zombies beat all of them to it? If there’s any hope of survival, it falls on Sam and Dean Winchester to fight the rising tide of darkness. Powerful artifacts will aid their battle, such as the Death Scythe, and the legendary Mjolnir, and they’ll need every asset against the likes of the Wendigo and the Alpha Vampire. But, in the end, it will be their brotherhood and camaraderie that sees them through to the dawn!

The Miniatures and Weapon cards are based on one of the popular American TV Series, ‘Supernatural’. The products are packed with various characters from the series, along with their iconic weapon cards. (Such as Death Scythe and Mjolnir)

Seeking new challenges? Have you ever thought of facing Demons, Vampires, or Supernatural creatures? The unique Abominations in this pack include the Alpha Vampire that spreads more chaos even after you defeat him, and the Wendigo who draws power from Dark Zones.

Everything Included – With figures, ID cards, Equipment cards, Abomination cards, and special rules cards, this pack is ready to add to any game of Zombicide 2nd edition.

This is an expansion. A copy of the following is required to play: Zombicide 2nd Edition

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