F2F Pro Tour Qualifier - Sealed Deck Tournament

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Q: Do you do grading for cards?

A: Not at this time. Due to Covid-19 grading is extremely backed up, sometimes taking 8 to 10 months to receive the cards back.


Q: A lot of your Pre-Orders are out of stock. Will more be available?

A: Due to what’s going on in the world right now we aren’t getting the same allocations as we used to. We only generally know how much we get a week or two prior to releases. If you are interested in a pre-order please subscribe to the items you’re interested in on the website. As soon as we put some in stock you will receive an email notification.

Q: What happens if I place an order with a mixture of in-stock items and pre-order items on the same invoice?

A: If you place an online order for items that are in-stock & items that have not yet released (pre-order items), we will hold your entire order until all items are in stock.

Q: Am I able to get a refund on a pre-order?

A: Pre-orders can be refunded, however they are subject to a 3% restocking fee.

OOTB Loyalty Points

Q: Why am I not receiving loyalty points?

A: In order to collect OOTB Loyalty Points you must first create an account and ensure you are logged in when making a purchase. If you use guest checkout you will not be able to accumulate points. You can redeem in shots of 10$ in store or as much as you want online.


Q: Do you ship to the United States

A: Yes. We will ship all eligible products to the United States as long as the product does not have an cross border restrictions.

Q: What is the Shipping cost to the United States

A: Shipping cost to the United States is $24.95. this provides you with tracking and insurance for up to $100. We are not responsible for any Duty, Customs or Taxes required on Import.


Q: Do you have a certain item in stock?

A: A live inventory of our stock can be found on our website. If it’s not in stock subscribe to the item and as soon as we get them in stock you get an email notification.