Group Break FAQ

What Are Group Breaks?

How Group Breaks work is participants split the cost of a box/case/mix of products. Prices include taxes as well as free shipping worldwide/local pick up.

They’re a great alternative to buying the boxes yourselves by buying into teams and players you collect or chasing the hottest new rookies. While we primarily open Hockey, we do try to do other sports a few times a week.

Group Breaks are opened when they are fully sold out. If a Group Break doesn’t sell before the end of the night, it is carried over to the next day.

Joining In

Step 1: Create an account here. Enter your shipping and billing address in the My Account section.

Step 2: Check the Group Breaks page for all available breaks.

Step 3: Purchase through the website after you’ve selected your spots. 3 spots purchased at the same time gives you a 3% discount. Select local pick up or shipping.

Step 4: The livestream starts approximately 7:30 PM EST to around midnight every day of the week on YouTube. Our Group Breaks are hosted by Dan and Jimmy.

Types of Breaks

Base cards are not included in shipping unless otherwise stated.

Team Buy: Participants receive the hits of any teams they buy into.

Team Random: Participants are randomized 4 times and then teams are randomized 4 times. You receive any hits from the teams you are assigned.

Double Up Random: Participants are added to the randomizer twice as each gets two teams per spot. Participants are then randomized 4 times and then teams are randomized 4 times. You receive any hits from the teams you are assigned.

Snake Style Hit Draft: All packs/boxes are opened and displayed. Participants are then randomized 4 times. First picks a card, then second, third, etc. Last person on the list picks twice and then it snakes back up to first pick. It keeps going until all cards are gone. Participants get all their chosen cards.

Shipping/Picking Up Your Cards

Group Breaks are done Tuesday to Sunday. The following Monday and Tuesday Group Breaks from the previous week are sorted. They are then shipped between Wednesday and Thursday. If you have selected local pick up; cards should be available the Wednesday of the following week. (Assuming no holidays during the sorting days.)

Shipping is done as standard lettermail. If you would like expedited/tracked shipping due to a big hit, please contact us at [email protected]. Our shipper will get in touch with you once the cards are ready to ship with an invoice for the extra shipping cost.