Warmachine MK4: Orgoth Sea Raiders Army Expansion (May 26th 2023)



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The Iron Kingdoms has been rocked by the return of their most ancient enemy: the Orgoth! Take your battles to the next level with the Sea Raiders Army Expansion. Change up your tactics with the new warcaster and unlock new synergistic combos with the character solo. The support solo and three new units, including the large-based Rhok Harriers—the Sea Raiders’ answer to cavalry units—add enough options to your Core Army Starter to field 75 and 100 point armies. (Note: 100-point games require three warjacks in a force, not included in this expansion.)


  • Sabbreth, the Eternal Annihilation Warcaster
  • Reaver Skirmishers Unit (5 models)
  • Ulkor Axers Unit (3 models)
  • Rhok Harrier Unit (3 models)
  • Therion Vhanek Character Solo
  • Vulcar Forge Master Solo