Warmachine MK4: Cygnar Stryker Heavy Warjack (December 15th)



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The first wholly galvanic warjack to enter mass production in the service of the armies of Cygnar, the Stryker is powered not by a coal-fueled steam engine but by a mechanikal storm chamber. With access to an arsenal of devastating weapons, the Stryker is more than capable of delivering a swift reckoning to any opposition that is unfortunate enough to step into its path.

Includes one warjack chassis, eight customizable arm options and four customizable head options.


  • Its Accumulator special rule enables the Stryker to gain an extra focus point if it begins its activation within 3˝ of one or more Legionnaire models.
  • Its Overtake special rule enables the Stryker to advance up to 1˝ after it destroys one or more enemy models with a basic melee attack during its Combat Action.
  • On a critical hit with its Voltaic Hammer, the model hit is slammed directly away from the Stryker.

Requires WARMACHINE Magnet Pack C, supplied separately.

MAGNET BUNDLE: All PIP 21004 will be shipped with its corresponding Magnet Pack for free.  The Magnet Pack will be a separate package from the model kit, not intended for individual retail sale. The Stryker requires 10x 3/16″ diameter magnets and 5x 1/8″ to magnetize its weapons and heads and will require WARMACHINE Magnet Pack  C (PIP 21191C).