Warcaster: Iron Star Alliance – Paladin Commander Solo (metal)

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Fearless and eager to prove themselves in combat, the young officers who command the Paladin forces in battle lead from the front. Their mechanikally augmented armor both speeds their combat reflexes and grants them a direct communication to the forces they command. Armed with a shoulder-mounted, self-targeting pulse cannon and wrist-mounted fusion sword, the Paladin Commanders are able to keep their hands free and their focus on the battle erupting around them.


TRADE POINTS: The Paladin Commander’s shoulder-mounted Pulse Cannon is a blast weapon. While charged, the Paladin Commander can attack with both its melee and ranged weapons in the same activation. During its activation, the Paladin Commander can spike to use its Command Interface to remove an activation token from a nearby Paladin squad. Wears Paladin Compound Armor, which gives it bonus ARM (Armor) against explosion.

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