Warcaster: Empyrean – Command Group Starter Set

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The Hyperuranion’s true masters, the Empyreans, have returned, and they who designed the galaxy will not tolerate resistance. Led by the Aeons, great heroes who once lived as mortal beings, the robotic legions of the Empyreans have emerged from Cyriss Prime to restore order to the stars—by force, if necessary. On the tabletop, the Empyreans are a powerful fighting force relying on a mastery of technology and the arcane arts to make Arc flow in unstoppable tidal currents from their warcaster to their legions.

TRADE POINTS: The Empyrean Command Group Starter Set contains everything one player needs to begin battling across the Thousand Worlds of Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika.


•    Oculus (solo)

•    Fulcrum (solo)

•    Saber Strikeforce (3-model squad)

•    Daemon A (light warjack)

•    Five white and five red Strike Dice, one D6

•    Four unit stat cards, five warjack weapon cards, twenty-four Cypher cards

•    Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika rulebook

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