Wakening Lair


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AGES: 14+
PLAYTIME: 30-40 min

Can you survive the Wakening Lair? Evil stirs in the catacombs at the center of dense woods not far from your village. Do you have the courage to venture into the depths and combat the creatures that lurk within? Rather Dashing Games is excited to announce Wakening Lair, a fully cooperative dungeon delve card game for 2- 6 heroic adventurers, coming March 2018.

Built long ago and all but forgotten, the lair has lain silent for generations. A noxious reek now wafts from the entrance, and unsettling noises echo up out of the darkness, signaling that something terrible is about to awaken.

Play heroes from nine different character classes, each with unique abilities to help vanquish your foes. Double-sided hero cards provide both male and female versions of each class for a total of 18 heroes to choose from.

In Wakening Lair, players take turns exploring rooms in the Wakening Lair, defeating monsters, and gathering weapons and magic items before the Monstrous Terror awakens. When it does, you’ll need all your heroic might to keep it from escaping the lair and sweeping the land!

Each game includes:
• 9 Hero cards (double-sided)
• 24 Monster cards
• 1 Monstrous Terror Awakens! card
• 24 Treasure cards
• 12 Room cards
• 6 Monstrous Terror boards
• 70 Wooden cubes
• 9 Wooden hero tokens
• 3 Six-sided dice
• Rulebook

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