Victorian Masterminds


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Number of Players: 2-4
Playing Time: 60 Minutes
Recommended Ages: 14+

A moustache-curling good game!

All around the world, from Moscow to Washington, from Paris to Rome, Supervillains have run amok. Iconic monuments are being stolen right out of the cities, and high-profile scientists and politicians are going missing. Even the famed detective, Sherlock Holmes, is gone without a trace. The world’s treasures are vulnerable to the most nefarious villains out there.

In Victorian Masterminds, players take on the role of Supervillains attempting to hatch an evil scheme. They send their Agents out to the great cities of the world to advance their plots, or mess with the plans of their opponents. Careful planning can result in the spoils of Supervillainy, like collected resources, captures Buildings, or recruited Scientists. These Villains are racing to complete their Internal Machines, but the Secret Service will be hot on their trail as well.


Miniature Architecture – Highly detailed 3D buildings, including Monuments, Factories, Universities, and Furnaces can be earned by players to advance their nefarious schemes.
Sabotage Opponents – Players can embrace their villainous selves by messing up the carefully laid plans of their competition, but they will have to be careful of opposing Saboteurs.
See the World – Supervillains can send their Agents to world capitals, like Paris, Rome, and Moscow, and take advantage of rewards for their visit.

12 Scientist Miniatures
20 Building Miniatures
24 Mission Cards
20 Agent Gears
1 Central Board
170 Tokens in 4 Punchboards
6 Dashboards
48 Machine Segment Pieces
1 Rulebook

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