Vallejo: Paint Display/Work Station 40X30cm with Storage


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Four new references to the Paint Stands series are being added, the storage solution for Vallejo colors and products. The references are for the two new workstations, and include an expanded storage system, which will optimize the available space for the modeler. Besides being easy to assemble and transport, the size of these workstations make them ideal for miniature painting and for modeling vehicles or airplanes.

This module has vertical storage space that can hold 76 bottles of 17 ml/0.57 fl oz, together with 4 bottles of 35 ml/1.18 fl oz or 60 ml/2.02 fl oz, 2 bottles of 200 ml/6.76 fl oz and 10 brushes. Easy assembly, does not require glue.

Width: 15,75 in/40 cm

Depth: 13,58 in/34,5 cm

Height: 11,61 in/29,5 cm