Vallejo Hobby Stencils Vintage Garage Signs


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Vintage style repair workshop sign, for doors, walls or facades. Scales 1/35.

Vallejo Stencils offers a wide selection of references and themes for modellers and crafters.

Translucent and flexible material, adapts easily to the surfaces of the model. Washable, easy to handle, the stencils facilitate the reproduction of all kind of hobby effects and textures.

Fantasy and military dioramas, tanks, buildings, aircrafts, spaceships, Sci-Fi, these can now be enhanced with details for interesting and simple results.

Available in several categories:

AFV Markings: Badges, numbers, slogans, signs, unit and nationality markings designed for historical and modern armoured vehicles.
Camouflages: Patterns for armoured vehicles and aircraft camouflages; available in several scales.
Air Markings: Badges, numbers, unit and nationality markings, registries and surface effects designed for historical and modern aircraft.
Lettering & Signs: Traffic signs, fonts and signs for dioramas, adverts, retail signs and graffities.
Sci-Fi & Fantasy: Badges, numbers, effects, panels and patterns designed for Sci-Fi vehicles and spaceships.
Texture Effects: Splashes, textures, cracks, stains and other physical texture and effects.

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