Upper Deck Marvel Thor Ragnarok


CONTENT HIGHLIGHTS: (All items subject to change) 

·       50 Card Base Set featuring authentic movie stills, with two (2) different LTFX foil parallels to collect – one numbered to 199! 

·       All New Dyson Rip Cards break open these cards (some SP #’d to 15, some SSP #’d to 5) to reveal a mini card inside! Along with regular mini cards, find comic creator and actor autographs! 1 Dyson Rip Card in every box! (on average). 

·       3 different insert sets showcasing behind the scenes imagery, and key characters in the movie!

·       Look for single and dual Actor Autographs! Standard auto cards as well as unique and thematic Grandmaster’s Prized Possessions Actor Autos, with strands of chain imbedded in the cards!

·       Find unique 1 of 1 original art Sketch Cars! 

·        Memorabilia Cards! Authentic material used in the production of the movie! Look for at least one (1) in every box! 

·       Look for three (3) hits per box – 1 Sketch, Actor Autograph, Memorabilia or Dyson Rip Card per box! (on average).

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