Ultimate Guard Board Game Sleeves 72x112mm


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Product Code:UGD010286

Protects and stores game cards of Lost Cities™ among other games, e.g. Felix: The Cat in the Sack™, Animalia™ and more! 60 sleeves per pack.

Extra heavy gauge
Robust and highly durable material for premium card protection and gameplay.

High clearness
The high clearness of the material ensures a genuine image quality with unaltered contrast and colors.

Extra clear polypropylene
Made of high-quality polypropylene, the industry standard for clearness and usability of card sleeves.

Acid free – No PVC
This product is completely free of PVC and acidic materials and therefore ideal for collectible cards.

Regular Fit
Easy card access with these regular fitted sleeves, great for trading cards with others.

Archival safe
Keeps your cards safe and preserves the value of your collection during permanent storage.

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