Trollbloods: Thumper / Pummler Weapon Crew


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This a new combined plastic kit for Trollbloods featuring the new Pummeler weapon crew featured in HORDES: Primaland a plastic resculpt of the Thumper weapon crew.

FEATURES: The Pummeler excels at destroying large swathes of enemy infantry thanks to its High Explosive ability that makes its blast damage rolls POW 10, and Bounce ability that allows it to place a second 3″ AOE off its original shot. The other side of the Trollblood artillery coin, the Thumper is perfect for cracking enemy armor with its POW 16 and Momentum ability, which allows it to slam small- and medium-based models d3″ or simply knock down large-based models.

* Paint, glue and assembly required.

* PIP 71104 replaces PIP 71030

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