Trollbloods: Kolgrima Stonetruth, Winter Witch

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Kolgrima Stonetruth is a half-mad and mystifying oracle. Born with the gift of sorcery, this trollkin witch could read the threads of the future in entrails and bones, glimpse fates in the eddies and whorls of a blizzard, and divine the destiny of a people in a patch of frostbite blackening a limb. Kolgrima emerged from the cave serving as her mountain lair when enemies threaten the north, accompanied by a great pack of winter trolls and serving as ancient war leader rather than oracle.

TRADE POINTS: Kolgrima is the newest warlock to join the Trollblood arsenal and an excellent choice in any Northkin themed army. She is a board control caster that excels at delivering melee forces into the enemies ranks unharmed. As such, elite melee forces such as Trollkin Long Riders (PIP 71080), Trollkin Champions (PIP 71069), and warbeasts such as Rok (PIP 71102) are well supported by her.

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