Trollbloods: Horgle the Anvil


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This is the full warlock version of the character Horgle Ironstrike featured in Forces of HORDES: Trollbloods Command.

The full warlock version of Horgle Ironstrike, Horgle the Anvil has mastered the fiery elemental powers of the forge. Thanks to spells like Firestarter, which grants the Continuous Fire ability to a model in his battlegroup’s ranged and melee weapons, and Consuming Flames, which sets models hit by its AOE 4 on fire, Horgle has plenty of ways to set enemy models are on fire. And his feat, Stoking the Flames, grants models boosted attack and damage rolls against enemy models in his control range that are suffering the Fire continuous effect. Horgle’s Solid Ground spell represents a huge boon to his Trollkin warriors by preventing knockdown within his control range, making their Tough advantage even more potent.

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