This War Of Mine: Days Of The Siege


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Number of Players: 1-6
Playing Time: 45-120 Minutes
Recommended Ages: 18+

Tension and fear can be felt around Pogoren. Soldiers occupying the city keep disappearing, units of militia gather in abandoned buildings, and harrowed citizens are preparing themselves for the worst. It seems another armed conflict is at hand. No one knows who will strike first, while the international peacekeeping forces maintain their aloof neutrality. At the same time, more and more kids are left without parents as people die of starvation and violence. Will players risk their own survival to help the little ones?

In Days of the Siege players are engulfed in an open conflict happening inside the city. The days of siege are over – rebels have decided to infiltrate Pogoren and engage the occupying forces in the last desperate attempt to take over the city. During three intense acts of the campaign players will have to find a way not only to survive, but also to tackle the chaos and brutality of war. Additionally, the module featuring children will enable players to take their experience to a new level, while new Locations will enrich every Scenario and Campaign from the base game.

Expansion Contents:

7 Miniatures
Wartime Diary II
100 cards
1 City board
6 sheets
over 50 tokens
6 plastic bases
Selling points

Second expansion for the best-selling game This War of Mine: The Board Game
Thrilling strategic three-act campaign featuring completely new rules and giving players a chance to shape the future of the war-engulfed city
2-panel City Board depicting Pogoren
Orphans module allows you to foster a kid during the siege, enriching the game with new rules, challenges, and moral choices
New Location Cards to be used both in the base game and in the expansion campaign
7 detailed miniatures, including 2 different Orphans, 4 Soldiers, and the Dog

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