Star Wars: Legion: Ahsoka Tano


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The fan favorite Ahsoka Tano comes to Legion for the first time as a new Operative option for the Rebellion. A key member of the founding of what would become the Rebel Alliance, Ahsoka took on the codename “Fulcrum” and worked tirelessly to supply vital intelligence to the burgeoning Rebel cells.

Ahsoka brings both her potent skills with her lightsabers as well as her years of experience as a commander during the Clone Wars to the battlefield. In battle Ahsoka uses her agility and skills to help protect her fellow troops while she positions herself to strike down the most dangerous threats using her mastery of the Jar’Kai lightsaber form. Combined with her four signature command cards Ahsoka is sure to defend the Rebellion through its most vulnerable time.

  • Adds Ahsoka Tano as a powerful Force-wielding Operative for the Rebellion
  • Has potent command cards that teams up with Sabine Wren
  • Signature command cards allow Ahsoka to significantly improve her combat attacks or protect her fellow Rebels


 Miniature, 1 Base, 1 Insert, 1 Unit Card, 4 Command Cards, 1 Token Sheet
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