Riot Quest Underboss Vizkoya Rogue


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Vizkoya was once a Kayazy underboss, but the Kayazy have been scattered to the winds since the apocalypse. Without a criminal syndicate to help run, Vizkoya decided to put his skills to use elsewhere. The former underboss is a master of B&E, capable of pulling heists only Lord Azazello would dream of attempting. With his trusty grapple gun and bladed crowbar in hand, there’s no trapped door or locked vault that Vizkoya can’t get into.


TRADE POINTS: Underboss Vizkoya is a Rogue Class Hero that specializes in getting players the best possible loot out of treasure chests. Anyone looking to build a hand of Riot Gear with more expensive gear cards is definitely going to want to utilize Vizkoya to maximize their chances at getting the best results from each treasure table, thanks to his Safecracker rule. Vizkoya is also a highly mobile Rogue and can use his Grapple Gun and Zipline ability to “teleport” next to enemies that he shoots.


This model is also playable in WARMACHINE & HORDES as a Mercenary solo that works for Khador, and is a Khador Partisan.

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