Primus Jalaam: Skorne Venator Warlock (Metal)

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The northern reaches of the Skorne Empire are a wild untamed place where beasts like the hydra and mammoth roam – only the fiercest of Skorne prosper here. Among them is Primus Jalaam, one of the greatest hunters of his people, a cunning warlock who feels no shame killing his enemies at a distance. He is as effective stalking intelligent prey as are the beasts of his homeland.

Primus Jalaam is an effective hunter in all respects. He greatly benefits Venator Slingers to make them more effective at landing their various shots. Additionally, Jalaam gets strong use out of the Aradus Sentinel’s animus on a regular basis, but especially during their feat turn.

Please note: Miniature comes unpainted and some assembly may be required.

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