No Thank You Evil: Uh-Oh, Monsters!


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Storia is a land filled with adventure, and adventures tend to be filled with monsters! Uh-oh Monster! gives you three complete adventures for your No Thank You, Evil game, plus loads of monsters, humans, aliens, robots, and other walking talking fighting creatures you will encounter in Storia.

No Thank You, Evil!: Uh-Oh, Monsters! is an adventure expansion that includes everything you need to run new adventures for No Thank You, Evil!

• Claws and Paws: The Monsters You’ll Meet! is a creature book chock-full of monsters, humans, aliens, robots and tons of other walking, talking, fighting, biting creatures you’ll encounter in Storia. Learn more about the Monster Museum, discover quirks, and learn how to make your own monsters.

• Lairs and Scares: Let’s Go on Wild Adventures! is an adventure book that offers three brand-new adventures for No Thank You, Evil!, all with fun monster themes.

• 30 new creature cards that match the format of the cards in the original game for quick-and-easy reference.

• 15 creature stand-ups that let you bring creatures to life right at the table!

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