Massive Darkness Elementals Enemy Box

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Number of Players: 1-6
Playing Time: 90 Minutes
Recommended Ages: 14+

The re-emergence of the Darkness is throwing nature itself into disarray. Rogue Elementals have joined in with the Darkness’ nefarious schemes and are looking to create their own form of the natural order. The very forces of nature are going to be very difficult to tame. The Lightbringers will have their work cut out for them.

The Massive Darkness Enemy Box: Elementals brings nature itself to the tabletop. It brings four miniatures, one each of the Wind, Water, Fire, and Earth Elemental. Each one has stat cards for both a lesser and greater Roaming Monster variant. These fierce personifications of nature’s wrath will certainly prove a challenge to players.

*This is an expansion. The Massive Darkness core game is required to play.

Sculpted Figures – Each Elemental is represented by a beautifully sculpted miniature figure.
Fierce Challenge – The eight included stat cards let players use the Elementals as either lesser or greater Roaming Monsters, adding a natural challenge to their games.
Use in Any Scenario – These figures can be added to any scenario of Massive Darkness that calls for Roaming Monsters, letting players customize their gaming experience.

1 Fire Elemental Roaming Monster
1 Air Elemental Roaming Monster
1 Earth Elemental Roaming Monster
1 Water Elemental Roaming Monster
8 Cards

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