Marvel Legendary Revelations

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200 Cards per Box
6 Boxes per Sub-Shipper
2 Sub-Shippers per Case

CONTENT HIGHLIGHTS: (All items subject to change) 

*   The long-awaited arrival of Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and War Machine to a Legendary expansion!

*   19th Expansion to the vast Legendary Landscape!

*   This deluxe expansion is packed full of content:  9 Heroes, 3 Masterminds, 2 Villain groups, 2 Henchmen groups, 4 Schemes and 3 Special Bystanders!

*   All cards feature original artwork!

*   Requires the Marvel Legendary Core Set to play and is compatible with all Legendary Marvel games!


The latest addition to Legendary a Marvel Deck Building game is a 200 card deluxe expansion, adding some fan-favorite Avengers to the legendary list of playable heroes.   But no Legendary expansion would be complete without a robust lineup of Masterminds and Villains like The Mandarin, Whiplash and The Hood! Build your deck, defeat evil and become Legendary!



Expansion set:

o   200 Playable Cards
o   Original artwork
o   1 Rulesheet


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