Khador: Conquest / Victor Colossal Warjack

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This is a new combined plastic kit featuring a resculpt of the Conquest and the newest Khadoran Colossal, the Victor.

FEATURES: Bringing impressive firepower to bear, the newest Khadoran colossal, the Victor, boasts the highest-range gun with its Siege Mortar of any warjack. Able to choose between three different ammo types, the Victor can dramatically change the very shape of the battlefield, whether by creating rough terrain, reducing enemy DEF and Stealth, or simply by setting on fire everything it hits with its mortar. Combined with a pair of rapid-firing auto-cannons, the Victor is infantry’s worst nightmare.

The Conquest brings explosive ordnance aplenty with its powerful main guns that can send enemies flying with Crit Devastation. Meanwhile, its secondary batteries can pummel enemies with multiple AOE ranged attacks or put down Creeping Barrage AOE templates that inflict POW 10 blast damage rolls on any model entering or ending within them. Backed by two P+S 22 fists, there’s little that can weather the full onslaught of this marvel of Khadoran engineering.

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