Isle of Sky: Journeyman Expansion


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Becoming king is one thing – running the kingdom is another and will require all the help you can get. Mighty warriors – to uphold the law and defend the kingdom against threats. Cunning merchants – to ensure the royal treasury is filled to the brim. Swift herald – to spread the word of Your Excellency in all lands. Preparation is key! Luckily, your most trusted friend agreed to do the dirty work so you can focus on becoming king in the first place.

4 New Scoring Tiles
8 New Landscape Tiles
7 “1 Gold” Coins
15 Roads
5 “50/100 VP” Markers
1 Rulebook
5 Progress Boards
30 Markers
45 Bonus Tiles
5 Journeyman Pawns

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Isle of Skye is required to play.

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