Infinity: Tohaa Rasail Boarding Team

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The Rasail Boarding Team is one of the most brave, aggressive and accomplished units in all of the Tohaa Armada. Founded in the midsts of the wars against the Fenrig Imperative, they are stationed on the Errant Ships and their auxiliary fleet. Led by the over the top and charismatic leader Colonel Noovan, the boarding teams from the legendary ship the Pride of Baalgar, charge in to battle and are at the forefront in the Tohaa counter-offensive against the Imperatives forces in the Dinnea Cluster. An amazing addition to any Tohaa faction collection.

This set contains four highly detailed metal miniatures consisting of Rasail (Spitfire), Rasail (Combi Rifle) and two Chaksa Periferical with heavy flame throwers, all with bases.

Please note: miniatures supplied come unpainted and some assembly may be required.

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