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KTS was created with the purpose of defending the many facilities and staff under the Beyhan Resources S¸ti. umbrella during the turbulent days of the Silk Revolts. In those days the Sultanate, overwhelmed by the attacks of insurrectionist tycoons, was unable to guarantee the protection of any transorbital facility. Hikmet Bey therefore personally charged former military colonel C¸elik Ozalan with the creation of an elite unit to secure the continuity of Beyhan Resources S¸ti.’s operations. The success of KTS was so clear that by the end of the Silk Revolts, it had its size and operational capability improved to be able to offer its services to third parties.

In the years since the Silk Revolts, and thanks to the contacts of Hikmet Bey, KTS has gained several security contracts with the Funduq Sultanate, including protection, defense and support operations. It has also received attack contracts, especially during the Ariadnan Commercial Conflicts and the Paradiso Offensives. The Kaplan especially stand out as expert combat engineers, specializing in sabotage and counter-sabotage techniques.

This strong esprit de corps makes the Kaplan feel superior to the majority of professional mercenaries, as well as to most regular military units. However, their operational capabilities, their technical skills and their adaptability to any situation, no matter how difficult, are true facts and qualities highly esteemed by their clients. Thanks to their professionalism as highly trusted elite troops, KTS has been so well integrated into the Qapu Khalqi’s military structure that they are also known as the “Sultan’s Tigers”, undertaking complex operations in the Sultanate’s service and forging their fame and prestige. But no matter whether they are working for a government or a private company, Kaplans are always a guarantee of success; their strict code forces them to accept no other option.

This model is supplied unpainted and requires assembly.

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