Infinity: Haqqislam Kum Motorized Troops


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The Kirguizes of Haqqislam are rough and temperamental men who have never followed anyone or anything except their own law. They love alcohol, noisy motorbikes and beautiful women. They are rebellious people, friends of revolts and fights. The Haqqislamite army recruits the most hot headed for their Kum motorized units where they can give free rein to their aggression. The Kum are fighters ready to get into hand to hand combat, on foot or on a screaming motorbike, to destroy the enemies of Haqqislam. Crossing the battlefield at top speed on their roaring motorbikes, through enemy fire, the Kum have forged a terrible reputation as intrepid and reckless bikers…or as absolute psychopaths, depending on who you ask.

Please note: These models come unpainted and some assembly may be required

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