Infinity: ALEPH – Ekdromoi – HMG / Combi Rifle (2) – RP / AF

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In Ancient Greece, the Ekdromoi were a corps of light hoplites able to act outside their phalanx in quick actions, reacting to the many vicissitudes of battle. In the same way, the Ekdromoi of the Assault Subsection specialise in combat actions far from their own lines and requiring great mobility and troubleshooting skills. It is in fast and bloody coup de grace actions where the Ekdromoi especially shine. Do you know who was the first to capture Morat high officer alive? Do you know who destroyed the Seed-Embryo storage at Kaphiri, in the Shasvastii rearguard? You are right, the Ekdromoi of course! Usually, the Assault Subsection sends this unit on missions with high risks and low chances of success… expecting them to return victorious! And you can be sure that for now, the Ekdromoi have not disappointed.


1x Ekdromos (Combi Rifle)
1x Ekdromos (HMG)

Please note: Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.  This is a re-packaging of COR280838-0457 and contains a 2nd, additional figure (Combi Rifle)

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