Grymkin: Hollow Holden (metal)


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PIP 76030

As a weapon attachment for the Hollowmen unit (PIP 76013), Holden increases the unit’s capabilities and lethality turn to turn based on a bit of random luck represented by flipping a coin. Hollow Holden works well with warlocks that can help keep him safe on the battlefield, such as The Wanderer (PIP 76005).Holden serves as a warning to all who would oppose the Defiers. Once this hollow man was a promising young man who might have been a hero, but his courage faltered and he failed in the face of the Wicked Harvest. For the impertinence of being sent against them, the Defiers transformed him into their own deadly tool, but they kept a tiny shard of Holden within his hollow shell, to remember them. All Holden can do now is watch in silent horror as his actions answer a will that is not his own.

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