Grymkin Baron Tonguelick, Lord of Warts Solo

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In folklore, Baron Tonguelick was said to have been a deranged and petty tyrant. The dubious nobility of Tonguelick notwithstanding, the self-appointed Lord of Warts has ingratiated himself with the Defiers. By their favor, he lords it over lesser grymkin, who must beware the lash of his tongue. He can bolster the reality-warping power of the Defiers or serve as a direct conduit for their magic. The baron’s tongue is dangerous whether employed as a weapon to catch and consume prey, or when he croaks words that leave weaker-willed enemies confounded and confused.

TRADE POINTS: Baron Tonguelick is an attachment that brings arcane support to his warlock.  His dapper corpulence hides a surprising amount of dexterity, for when he wants to, he can bound across the battlefield, chomping foes in his prodigious gullet and laying down a field of fetid swamp gas. Baron Tonguelick is an essential addition to any army looking to add a bit of arcane support and area control.

Miniature comes unpainted.

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