Desert Themed Battlefield Set


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World War II, being a truly global conflict, saw battles raging across all manner of terrain – none more so than across the parched deserts of Africa or the dusty hills of Italy. Soldiers on both sides fought not only each other but blistering heat during the day and the freezing cold once the sun had set.

This great battlefield theming set allows you to recreate those arid settings and add extra atmosphere to your games. The contents of this set are also ideal for basing your models and dioramas – for WWII and other periods of history.

The Desert Battlefield Theming Set contains enough material to cover approximately a 2′ x 2′ board:

5 resin wall sections
Desert Sand and Dark Desert Sand
Desert Grass and Dead Grass
Scorched Earth and Patchy Grass
Moss and Autumn Grass
Tumbleweed and Fine Cork Chips

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