Blood Bowl Death Zone Season Two


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Death Zone – Season Two!

Even MORE content for the game of fantasy football!

New Star Players: The roster expands with THIRTEEN new sports personalities willing to play for the right price!

Optional League Rules: Want to add Star Players permanently to your team, take ownership of a stadium (with maybe a few quirks…) or get heaps of lovely sponsorship money? Now’s your chance!

Famous Faces: Star Players aren’t the only well-known personalities out there – You’ll find rules for notorious referee Jorm the Ogre, Cheerleader-slash-Berserker Kari Coldsteel and plenty of others.

New Teams: Keep an eye on your treasury – Goblin teams are here! They’re not the only ones, as Choas Renegades and Underworld Denizens get fully official rules.

Updated Skills: With all of the Blood Bowl skills in one place, it’s easier then ever to know what to do when you want to throw a frenzied goblin at a thick-skulled Black Orc!

Hall of Fame Teams: From the Warpstone-addicted Warpfire Wanderers to the infamous Chaos All-Stars, you’ll find plenty of experienced teams for Exhibition play.


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