Crucible Guard: Vulcan Colossal Box

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Matching the size of other modern colossals, the Vulcan is no less than a rolling alchemical arsenal. Sloshing hundred-gallon vats within its structure allow it to unleash an array of alchemical attacks. A series of dispersal nozzles along the chassis can blanket a large area in a debilitating fog of toxic gas. Its primary weapon, the Aqua Mortuum rocket, leaves trails of alchemical poison in the air and detonates with a burst of lingering toxins, while its smaller vitriolic deflagrators hose down squadrons with concentrated, high-molarity acid.

The Vulcan is a powerhouse colossal that brings a massive amount of firepower to bear upon the enemy, along with several unique alchemical effects to weaken even the strongest foe. The Vulcan is excellent with all of the warcasters of the Crucible Guard, particularly Aurum Adeptus Syvestro (PIP37002), who can enhance both the speed and strength of this mighty colossal.

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