Battlefoam Magna Rack Medium Kit for the Warmachine Bag

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This kit includes:

4x Medium Magna Rack Trays.
4x 6 inch (152 mm) Magna Rack Spacer Legs.
4x 3 inch (76 mm) Magna Rack Spacer Legs.
4x 2 inch (50 mm) short Magna Rack Spacer Legs.
4x Top Plugs
4x Bottom Plugs
4x Top Caps
The Magna Rack was designed for those gamers who like to store and transport their miniatures magnetized upright and free from other materials.

All trays are made of heavy duty injected molded plastic with an attached durable metal sheet. Ideal for magnetized models. Magna Racks can be assembled in an endless number of configurations using the patented Magna Rack Spacer Legs.

Some assembly required. For Magna Rack Assembly Instructions, please click here.

Metal Sheet Dimensions – 14.5W x 7L” (368W x 178L mm)

Tray Size – Battle Foam Medium – 15.5W x 8L” (394W x 203L mm)

Made to fit inside a variety of Battle Foam Bags such as the P.A.C.K. 432, Warmachine Bag and Hordes Bag.

Bag not included.

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