Arkham Horror LCG: The Circle Undone Campaign Expansion


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Judgment. Temperance. Justice. The Tower. The soothsayer’s tarot wove a tale of a grim future, hard to put out of your mind. But when you learn that four people have disappeared without a trace from an estate in French Hill, you begin to wonder if the cruel fate told in the tarot is meant only for you, or for the entirety of Arkham.

In The Circle Undone Campaign Expansion, one to four investigators delve into the mysteries of Arkham’s past, uncovering its macabre history and the motives of those who dwell in its shadows through eight scenarios, along with a unique prologue scenario. Will these chosen few embrace the fate they have been dealt? Or will they forge their own destiny?

This expansion combines all of the campaign and scenario content from the original The Circle Undone cycle, which was the fourth cycle of expansions for Arkham Horror: The Card Game. Players only need a copy of the Arkham Horror: The Card Game Revised Core Set to dive into the story.

  • A new Campaign Expansion for Arkham Horror: The Card Game, featuring a thrilling campaign staged across nine scenarios, including a playable prologue
  • Combines all of the encounter cards and scenario content from the original The Circle Undone cycle of products into one package
  • Players investigate graveyards, eerie woods, and haunted manors, but must stay ever vigilant—a failed investigation could spell their doom
  • Hunted by the terrifying and unkillable Spectral Watcher, players must learn its true nature before they become its next victims
  • This campaign is fully playable without the need for any other Arkham Horror: The Card Game products aside from the Revised Core Set
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