Retribution: Aelyth Vyr Blade of Nyssor

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Aelyth Vyr is one of the most distinguished ryssovass ever to have watched over the mountain passes of the Shard Spires. He is the embodiment of the ryssovass tradition – a steadfast defender of his people and a merciless killer bent on ending the lives of those blighted Nyss who have forsaken their duties. With the recovery of Nyssor, Aelyth has found new purpose in overseeing and guiding the ryssovass who have flocked to Ios in aid of the Retribution.

A champion among the Ryssovass Defenders, Aelyth Vyr pairs well with all the new Nyss releases as well as with warcasters who favor strong melee solos like Elara, Death’s Shadow and Thyron, Sword of Truth

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