A Song of Ice & Fire: Baratheon Heroes Box #1


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When Robert Baratheon died, control of the Iron Throne went to his son Joffrey. However, Robert’s brothers are also seeking to claim the throne for themselves. Both Stannis and Renly want it, each one with a cadre of followers who support their claim to the Iron Throne and are willing to do what they can to seat their choice seated there.

-The Baratheon Heroes #1 box set gives House Baratheon players in the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game a host of options for when they field an army loyal to King Stannis.

-The box set contains seven new characters, including a new version of King Stannis himself.

-Adds four new options for your army’s Commander

-Not a standalone product. A copy of the Song of Ice and Fire Baratheon Starter set is needed to play

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