2021-22 Upper Deck CHL Hockey Hobby (20 Box) Case




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Expected Release Nov 2nd , 2022


16 Cards per Pack

12 Packs per Box

20 Boxes per Case



• Upper Deck CHL features a 400-card Base Set featuring the top players in the league. The base set consists of 300 regular cards and 100 short-print cards (stars & star rookies). Look for the Exclusives, High Gloss & Autograph parallels of the short-print stars and star rookies!

• Unpack Clear Cut parallels featuring Star Rookies!

• Find exciting new inserts like Next Step and CHL Profiles along with low-numbered Autograph parallels of both sets!

• Look for the 2020-21 CHL Star Rookies set featuring the top rookies from the 2020-21 CHL season, including Exclusives & High Gloss parallels.

• Hunt for the rare They’re Exceptional insert cards featuring a low-numbered Red parallel along with the ultra rare White Autograph parallel!




(on average)



Base Set Stars and/or Star Rookies Cards



Next Step and/or CHL Profiles Cards



2020-21 CHL Star Rookies Cards



Top Imports, First Draft and/or

They’re Exceptional Cards



Base Set Stars or Star Rookies

Clear Cut Parallel Card


At Least 1

#’d Parallel or Printing Plate Parallel Card




Content, including the stated checklist #’ing, card #’ing and ratios, is subject to change without further notice. Additionally, this list may not contain all cards available in the product as there could be unannounced cards.


Autograph Cards


Card #’ing/Ratio

Base Set – Auto Parallel 1:24

Base Set Stars & Star Rookies – Auto Parallel 1:24

Next Step – Auto Parallel #’d to 10

CHL Profiles – Auto Parallel #’d to 15

First Draft – Blue Auto Parallel #’d to 25

First Draft – Black Auto Parallel #’d 1-of-1

They’re Exceptional – White Auto Parallel #’d to 5

Base Set Printing Plates – Auto Parallel N/A

Base Set Star Rookies Printing Plates – Auto Parallel N/A


Exciting Insert Cards


Card #’ing/Ratio

2020-21 CHL Star Rookies 1:4

2020-21 CHL Star Rookies – Exclusives Parallel #’d to 100

2020-21 CHL Star Rookies – High Gloss Parallel #’d to 10

Next Step 1:8

CHL Profiles 1:5

Top Imports 1:28

Top Imports – Red Parallel #’d to 99

Top Imports – Blue Parallel #’d to 25

Top Imports – White Parallel #’d to 5

Top Imports – Black Parallel #’d 1-of-1

First Draft 1:8

First Draft – Red Parallel #’d to 99

First Draft – Blue Parallel #’d to 25

First Draft – White Parallel #’d to 5

First Draft – Black Parallel #’d 1-of-1

They’re Exceptional 1:200

They’re Exceptional – Red Parallel #’d to 99


Base Set Cards


Card #’ing/Ratio

Base Set – Regular (1-300) N/A

Base Set Stars (301-350) 1:2

Base Set Star Rookies (351-400) 1:2

Base Set Stars & Star Rookies – Clear Cut Parallel 1:12

Base Set – Exclusives Parallel #’d to 100

Base Set – High Gloss Parallel #’d to 10

Base Set – Printing Plates Parallel N/A

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