2020 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Hobby Box


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5 Cards per Pack
20 Packs per Box
8 Boxes per Inner Case 
2 Inner Cases per Master Case


  • NEW! Look for an always-intriguing new selection of signers, currently slated to include Wander FrancoJasson DominguezBianca AndreescuRose LavelleBig BoiTravis BarkerDanny Trejo and many more notable names!
  • NEW! Jordan’s Curtain Call Relics captures nine distinct & special moments of MJ’s final game in Chicago Stadium! Each card includes an artifact from the stadium and is serial-numbered to just 23. The ninth & final card in the set boasts a hard-signed autograph from arguably the greatest basketball player ever! 
  • NEW! Heads of State Vintage Stamps merge the love for stamp collecting and card collecting with this 50-card ensemble featuring some of the most well-known leaders in world history. Each card boasts a vintage stamp relic of the subject.
  • NEW! Cat Collection is a five-tiered aggregation of embroidered manufactured patch cards commemorating cats (domestic & wild) from around the world! Their beauty, artistry and rarity will make this unique 50-card set a welcome addition to your collection. Also keep an eye out for tough-to-find Sea Creatures manufactured patch collection!
  • NEW! This year, Aesop’s Fables takes center stage with single- and dual-panel sketch cards featuring some of the beloved characters and legendary short stories from this timeless collection!
  • Back by Popular Demand! Exquisite Collection Signature Kicks cards are back! Each card contains premium swatches from the signature brand shoes of some of the greatest athletes on the planet! Every autograph is hard-signed.
  • The eye-catching Splash of Color insert set returns! Be on the lookout for the 10-card autograph variation. Each visually dazzling card in this rare collection features a hard-signed autograph from a variety of sports and music personalities!
  • Goudey Autographs, a variation of the 50-card Goudey Collection, is slated to feature hard-signed autographs from nine notable individuals, including the No. 1 international baseball prospect in the world today.


  • Participate in Goodwin’s Bounty Mission by collecting the Splash of Color Bounty Lenticular Variant set and earn unbelievable achievement cards! For more information, and to participate, visit UpperDeckBounty.com 

BOX BREAK (on average)
·        Ten (10) Splash of Color SPs and/or Goudey cards.
·        Seven (7) Minis (Base + Goudey).
·        Three (3) hits from autograph, memorabilia, manufactured patch and/or relic sets! 

CASE BREAK (from each 8-box inner, on average)
·        Three (3) Cat Collection manufactured patch cards.
·        One (1) Sea Creatures manufactured patch card.
·        One (1) card from the following inserts: Museum Collection – Space RelicsAesop’s Fables Illustration Relics & Sketch BookletsJordan’s Curtain Call RelicsHistoric United States Currency RelicsGoudey Sport Royalty Autographs or Exquisite Signature Kicks – Vertical.


Hard-Signed Autographed Cards:
o   Genuine Heroes Signatures – 1:400
o   Goodwin Autographs – 1:50
o   Goodwin Inscribed Autographs Parallel – Varied Hand #’ing
o   Goodwin Horizontal Autographs Parallel – 1:180
o   Goodwin Splash of Color Autographs – 1:1280
o   Goudy Autographs – 1:480
o   Goudy Sport Royalty Autographs – 1:8000
o   Goudey Sport Royalty Dual Autographs – 1:25000
o   Exquisite Signature Kicks – 1:8767  

Memorabilia, Illustration and Relic Cards:
o   Goodwin Memorabilia – 1:40
o   Goodwin Memorabilia Dual Swatch – 1:300
o   Goodwin Splash of Color Memorabilia – 1:600
o   Goudey Memorabilia – 1:300
o   Goudey Sport Royalty Memorabilia – 1:1520
o   Goudey Sport Royalty Memorabilia Dual Swatch – 1:2880
o   Goodwin Memorabilia – Premium Memorabilia Parallel – Varied #’ing
o   Goodwin Memorabilia Dual Swatch – Premium Memorabilia Parallel – Varied #’ing
o   Goodwin Splash of Color Memorabilia – Premium Memorabilia Parallel – Varied #’ing
o   Goudey Memorabilia – Premium Memorabilia Parallel – Varied #’ing
o   Goudey Sport Royalty – Premium Memorabilia Parallel – Varied #’ing
o   Goudey Sport Royalty Memorabilia Dual Swatch – Premium Memorabilia Parallel – Varied #’ing
o   Heads of State Vintage Stamps – 1:70
o   Museum Collection – Space Relics – 1:800
o   Aesop’s Fables Illustration Relics – 1:2400
o   Jordan’s Curtain Call Relics – #’d to 23
o   Jordan’s Curtain Call Autographed Relics – #’d to 23
o   Historic United States Currency Relics – 1:1245
o   Cat Collection Manufactured Patch (Tier 1) – 1:100
o   Cat Collection Manufactured Patch (Tier 2) – 1:360
o   Cat Collection Manufactured Patch (Tier 3) – 1:800
o   Cat Collection Manufactured Patch (Tier 4) – 1:1400
o   Cat Collection Manufactured Patch (Tier 5) – 1:7500
o   Sea Creatures Manufactured Patch (Tier 1) – 1:180
o   Sea Creatures Manufactured Patch (Tier 2) – 1:500
o   Sea Creatures Manufactured Patch (Tier 3) – 1:1800
o   Sea Creatures Manufactured Patch (Tier 4) – 1:3500
o   Sea Creatures Manufactured Patch (Tier 5) – 1:10000
o   Aesop’s Fables Sketch Booklets – 1:640
o   Aesop’s Fables Dual Sketch Booklets – 1:1920
o   Museum Collection – Apollo 11 Film Cell Relic – 1:7013

Inserts and Parallel Cards:

o   Minis – 1:4
o   Minis – Wood Lumberjack Parallel – 1:20
o   Minis – Black Wood Lumberjack Parallel – Hand #’d to 8
o   Goudey – 1:4
o   Fanimation – 1:2540 

Base Set:
o   Regular Cards – 100 cards
o   Regular Cards – Splash of Color Short-Prints – 1:4 (50 cards) 

Bounty Set:
o   Splash of Color Lenticular Variant (Tier 1) – 1:40
o   Splash of Color Lenticular Variant (Tier 2) – 1:200
o   Splash of Color Lenticular Variant (Tier 3) – 1:800

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