2020-21 O-Pee-Chee Platinum Hockey Hobby Box


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Expected Release November 1oth, 2021

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4 Cards per Pack

20 Packs per Box

8 Boxes per Inner Shipper

2 Inner Shippers per Case




• The 2020-21 edition features a 200-card Base Set, consisting of 150 veterans and 50 marquee rookies, and an expanded parallel lineup (three more than in 2019-20).



All Rookie Content is based off of players who have qualified for rookie card status as of 2.12.21.


o Collect 13 dazzling parallels (10 of which are serial-numbered), including the all-new Aquamarine (#’d to 499), Yellow Traxx (#’d to 249) and Cosmic (#’d to 65) parallels, and the Hobby-exclusive Orange Checkers (#’d to 25) parallel.


• Collect hard-signed rookie cards via the popular Rookie Auto insert set.


o Collect nine dazzling parallels, including seven #’d to 99 or less! Look for the all-new Cosmic parallel #’d to 75 and the Hobby-exclusive Orange Checkers parallel #’d to just 15.


• The O-Pee-Chee Platinum Retros cards are back! Every box contains six regular Retros cards, on average.


o Keep an eye out for the all-new Purple Houndstooth parallel (#’d to 15), as well as the rare Golden Treasures (#’d 1-of-1) and Red Auto (1:160) parallels. The Red Auto set, which includes rookies, features hard-signed autographs!


• Every box also includes three cards, on average, from the following insert sets: Best in the World (the biggest veteran stars in the game today), Sweet Selections (top rookies) and Photo Driven (top veterans and rookies, and featuring black & white action images).


o Hobby exclusive: Collect the hard-signed Rainbow Auto parallel of each impressive set!




(on average)

6 Retros Cards

5 Base Set – Rainbow Parallel Cards

3 Best in the World, Sweet Selections and/or Photo Driven Cards

2 Base Set – Sunset Parallel Cards

2 #’d Base Set Parallel Cards

1 Retros – Rainbow Parallel Card

1 Autograph Card



Rookie content is based off of players who have qualified for rookie card status as of 2.12.21.


Autograph Cards


Card #’ing/Ratio

Rookie Auto 1:50

Rookie Auto – Rainbow Parallel 1:160

Rookie Auto – Violet Pixels Parallel 1:320

Rookie Auto – Matte Pink Parallel #’d to 99

Rookie Auto – Cosmic Parallel (New!) #’d to 75

Rookie Auto – Red Prism Parallel #’d to 50

Rookie Auto – Seismic Gold Parallel #’d to 25

Rookie Auto – Orange Checkers Parallel (Hobby Exclusive!) #’d to 15

Rookie Auto – Emerald Surge Parallel #’d to 10

Rookie Auto – Golden Treasures Parallel #’d 1-of-1

Retros – Red Auto Parallel 1:160

Best in the World – Rainbow Auto Parallel (Hobby Exclusive!) 1:1600

Sweet Selections – Rainbow Auto Parallel (New, Hobby Exclusive!) 1:800

Photo Driven – Rainbow Auto Parallel (New, Hobby Exclusive!) 1:800


Base Set Parallel Cards


Card #’ing/Ratio

Base Set – Rainbow Parallel 1:4

Base Set – Sunset Parallel 1:10

Base Set – Matte Pink Parallel 1:20

Base Set – Aquamarine Parallel (New!) #’d to 499

Base Set – Violet Pixels Parallel #’d to 399

Base Set – Yellow Traxx Parallel (New!) #’d to 249

Base Set – Red Prism Parallel #’d to 199

Base Set – Arctic Freeze Parallel #’d to 99

Base Set – Cosmic Parallel (New!) #’d to 65

Base Set – Seismic Gold Parallel #’d to 50

Base Set – Orange Checkers Parallel (Hobby Exclusive!) #’d to 25

Base Set – Emerald Surge Parallel #’d to 10

Base Set – Golden Treasures Parallel #’d 1-of-1


Non-Auto Insert Cards (w/ Parallels)


Card #’ing/Ratio

Retros 1:3.33

Retros – Rainbow Parallel 1:20

Retros – Blue Rainbow Parallel #’d to 149

Retros – Purple Houndstooth Parallel (New!) #’d to 15

Retros – Golden Treasures Parallel #’d 1-of-1

Best in the World 1:15

Sweet Selections (New!) 1:23

Photo Driven (New!) 1:27


Regular Base Set Cards


Card #’ing/Ratio

Base Set Veterans (1-150) N/A

Base Set Marquee Rookies (151-200) N/A

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