2019-20 Upper Deck Allure Hockey Retail Box

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6 Cards per Pack
20 Packs per Box

• The 100-card base set features the best veterans and rookies in the game today! Keep an eye out for White Rainbow and Red Rainbow base set parallels.
• Allure’s debut features the Top 50 Prospects insert, dedicated solely to the game’s best newcomers, which fall one in every two packs. Be on the lookout for the Blue parallel (a Retail exclusive!) and the rare Blue Autograph parallel!
• Find a variety of other alluring inserts to collect, including Winter Storm Warning (20 of today’s best players), For the Record (10 record-breaking players), Open Ice & Iced Out (a mix of newcomers & established stars) and a short-print variation of base cards 65-100. The latter also boasts a Pink Diamond parallel.
• Grab rookie jersey memorabilia including the Red Rainbow Rookie Jersey parallel cards of the base set.

• Base Set (Veterans & Rookies): Regular Parallels
o White Rainbow: 1:4
o Red Rainbow: 1:8

• Rookie-Specific Cards
o Base Set – Red Rainbow Rookie Jersey Parallel: 1:60
o Top 50 Prospects – Blue Parallel: 1:2 (Retail Exclusive!)
o Top 50 Prospects – Blue Auto Parallel: 1:200

• Alluring Inserts
o SP’s 101-110: 1:40
o SP’s 101-110 – Pink Diamond Parallel: 1:80
o Winter Storm Warning: 1:20
o For the Record: 1:80
o Open Ice: 1:40
o SP’s 111-135: 1:16
o SP’s 111-135 – Pink Diamond Parallel: 1:32
o Iced Out: 1:32

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