2017-18 Upper Deck Splendor Hockey Hobby Box

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Releases September 19th , 2018

We are pleased to announce that we have been selected by Upper Deck to be one of only a few Authorized Internet Retailers in Canada. As such we can not sell to the following below :

– We can not sell this product to the USA until the product has been out for a full 12 months

Thank you for your understanding and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause

1 Card per Pack
1 Pack per Box
12 Boxes per Case


· Every card in the set in numbered to 36 or less and contains a Hard-Signed autograph, Premium Materials, or both!!!

· Find 3 different stunning autograph memorabilia variations of your favorite players.

· Look for Premium Materials Cut Signatures of NHL’s All-Time Greats that include

· Grab hard-signed Auto Puck cards that include a piece of Game-Used NHL Puck.

· Find Signature Handle cards including the nameplate from a game-used stick and autograph from the biggest names in the game.

· We pay tribute to the star players who have played 1000 NHL games with our Silver Stick cards, containing real sterling silver, and numbered as low as 1-of-1!

· Look for Splendid Patches and Splendid Signatures featuring HUGE patches and signatures from many legends of the game.

Box Break:

o 1 card per box, including a Hard-Signed autograph, Premium Materials, or both!

o Each card is between 140-240 card point thickness, placed and sealed in a one-touch case.

·Marvelous Cut Signatures:

o Cut Signatures – Varied #ing

o Premium Material Cut Signature – Varied #ing

o Signature Handles with Cut Signature – # to 1

·Amazing Premium Autograph Line-up

o Black and White Silver – #’d to 27

o Black and White Copper Parallel – #’d to 12
o Black & White Gold Parallel – #’d to 6

o Black & White, White Parallel – #’d to 1

o Splendid Signatures – #’d to 24

o Splendid Signatures Blue Parallel – #’d to 15

o Splendid Signatures Gold Parallel – #’d to 5

o Splendid Signatures Black Parallel – #’d to 1

o Auto Pucks – #’d to 15

o Auto Pucks Parallel – #’d to 1

o Signature Handles with Autograph – #’d to 1

·Spectacular Memorabilia Hits & Other Impressive Inserts:

o Splendid Swatches – #’d to 10

o Splendid Swatches Black Parallel – #’d to 1

o Showpieces Silver – #’d to 27

o Showpieces Blue – #’d to 15

o Showpieces Gold – #’d to 5

o Showpieces Black – #’d to 1

o Silver Stick – #’d to 10

o Silver Stick Parallel – #’d to 1

·Regular Autograph Cards & Parallels:

o Base Set – 150 cards

o Borderless Base Set White – #’d to 36

o Bordered Base Set White – #’d to 36

o Borderless Base Set Silver Parallel – #’d to 22

o Bordered Base Set Silver Parallel – #’d to 22

o Borderless Base Set Red Parallel – #’d to 11

o Bordered Base Set Red Parallel – #’d to 11

o Borderless Base Set Gold Parallel – #’d to 5

o Bordered Base Set Gold Parallel – #’d to 5

o Borderless Base Set Black Parallel – #’d to 1

o Bordered Base Set Black Parallel – #’d to 1

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