2016-17 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey Hobby Box


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4 Cards per Pack
8 Packs per Box
10 Boxes per Inner
2 Inners per Case


Trilogy Delivers Rookie Cards in a Totally Unique Fashion.

o Limited to a Mere 33 Top Prospects Each With 3 Different Base Set RC’s.
o Including: Common Rookies #’d to 999, Uncommon Autograph Rookies #’d to 375 & Rare Inscribed Autograph Rookies #’d to 49.

Find Blue And Black Parallels of The Common, Uncommon & Rare Rookies Subsets.
Look For Stunning Green Rainbow Foil Relic Variations of The 33-Card Rookie Subsets.
o Common Rookies Jersey #’d to 699, Uncommon Rookies Patch #’d to 35 & Rare Rookies Tag #’d to 5.

Hit the Glass with Ice Scripts.
o Featuring a Hard-Signed Autograph From Young, Veteran And Retired NHL Stars Directly on Stunning Plexiglas Substrate.

Signature Pucks Are Back And Ready to Score Some Big Hits For Collectors.
o Showcasing NHL Superstars and Rookies alike, Score Some of the Biggest Names in The Game Today.

We Have More! Find Some of The Greatest to Ever Play The Game in The Hall of Fame Signature Puck Subset.
o Find Dual Signature Pucks, with Brilliant Combos of NHL Favorites.

NEW! Triple Relic Cards Featuring Unique Combinations of Veterans, Legends And Rookies Accompanied by a Variety of Memorabilia.
The Popular Tryptich Inserts Return With a Whole New Array of Themed Memorabilia And Autograph Cards.
Featuring a Wide Array of Memorabilia Including Jersey, Patch, Strap, Tag, Glove, Blocker, Leg Pad, Skates And Sticks.

·Rookie Cards + Parallels
o Common Rookies – #’d to 999
o Uncommon Autograph Rookies – #’d to 375
o Rare, Inscribed Autograph Rookies – #’d to 49
o Triple Rookie Auto – #’d to 25
o Common Rookies, Blue // – #’d to 499
o Uncommon Autograph Rookies, Blue // – #’d to 33
o Rare, Inscribed Autograph Rookies, Blue // – #’d to Uniform
o Triple Rookie Autograph, Blue // – #’d to 5
o Common Rookies, Black // – #’d to 99
o Uncommon Autograph Rookies, Black // – Varied #ing
o Rare, Inscribed Autograph Rookies, Black // – #’d to 3
o Triple Rookie Autograph, Black // – #’d 1-of-1
o Common Rookies, Green Jersey Relic // – #’d to 699
o Uncommon Rookies, Green Patch Relic // – #’d to 35
o Rare Rookies, Green Tag Relic // – #’d to 5

o Tryptich Relics Jersey – varied #ing
o Tryptich Relics Premium Memorabilia – varied #ing
o Tryptich Signatures – varied #ing
o Triple Relics – varied #ing

·Autographed Pucks
o Signature Pucks – inserted 1:16
o Signature Pucks, Team Logos – Hand #’d to 17
o Signature Pucks, NHL Shield Logo – Hand #’d to 3
o Hall of Fame Signature Pucks – inserted 1:432
o Hall of Fame Signature Pucks – Hand #’d to 10
o Hall of Fame Signature Pucks – Hand #’d to 3
o Dual Signature Pucks – inserted 1:432
o Dual Signature Pucks, Team Logos – Hand #’d to 5
o Dual Signature Pucks, NHL Shield Logo – Hand #’d 1-of-1

·Signed Plexi-Glass
o Ice Scripts

·Base Card Parallels
o Regular Cards, Blue Rainbow Foil //– #’d to 999
o Regular Cards, Green Rainbow Foil Jersey Relics //– #’d to Career Stat
o Regular Cards, Black Rainbow Premium Material Relics //– #’d to a Single-Season Stat

·Regular Cards
o 50 Regular Cards

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